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icons pls? ♥

omgiconswhut? :'D

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about (kind of)
omgwtfbbq_icons is the one and only icon journal
for the delectable and tasty amateur graphics maker, pictash. The tangible
win of her icons was just so overwhelming, it was hard to fit in her regular journal,
so she had to make a sucky comm to fit them all in. Insane? Perhaps. Ridiculous? Most definitely. Does anyone care? No one important.

what do we do?
Here at omgwtfbbq_icons, we strive to mock every internet phenomenon ever established. Are we gonna attack numa numa at some point? You bet! DDR Kid? Sure, why not? Smosh? HELLS YES. We spend so much time on the internet it would be a crime not to make fun of all the hilarious idiocy we find.

your part.
So please, if you even remotely like the icons that we make, just click the little watchey button at the top of the page and we would be ever so grateful.

Wanna affiliate? If you don't think it would hurt the reputation of your journal too
much, just leave a comment anywhere and you will be immediately added to the nonexistent list, for I have nothing better to do. For cereal.

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Stylesheet by minty_peach

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